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My name is Lucas, and I’m a Seer and intuitive healer. I’ve been granted the gift to help you on your journey for self healing.

My seeing reaches your soul and through that I see your challenges and hindrances clearly, and assisting you in understanding the obstacles you are facing in this moments. Together with that, I read your karmic history, and make a body scan of your system and your chakras. As I guide you in how you can make your energy system more vital and stronger, I offer your a frequency healing where I let the vibration of your body be healed by the vibration of the universe.

Do you feel:

  • Stress
  • Drained
  • Restless
  • Depressed
  • Existential confused
  • Physical or emotional pain

I can assist in you those and many more symptoms. Behind any physical or non physical object, there is an energy. When you learn to see that energy, you learn how to process it.

I am here to help you.

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Animal telepathy

Im also communicating with animals through telepathy, and help animals and their human relations to solve.


Besides that, I am hosting courses in telepathy, teaching in ancient knowledge from a east. If you are curious in hearing more about that, feel free to write me.

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  1. Hyper Polish Domains
    May 8, 2022

    This is my third visit to this blog. I am thinking about starting a brand new blog in the same category. Your site gave me some ideas to work with. (Dont worry, I wont be copying you ) You have done a nice job.

  2. Lucas
    May 19, 2022


    I am very happy to hear, that you have gained Inspiration to your own journey. My intention is to spread inspiration and wisdom. Therefore, it is my honor to hear this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Catherine Jo Evanoff
    May 21, 2022

    I am glad to have found you. I saw you on AGE OF TRUTH. I got some things from your interview. I am evolving. Simply thank you for being out there to be found. Thank you for all of your suffering that has brought you to where you are right now. The interview gave me grades on my progress and where I need to focus more energy. Thank You

    1. Lucas Bergendahl
      May 31, 2022

      Thank you for your kind words Catherine. They go straight to my heart.

      I will make both articles on this webpage with the wisdom that goes through me, and at the same time, I am in the creation of a youtube community where I share through videos:

      I am very touched by hearing how the video helped you, and it is my honor to serve you in this healing journey.

      With all my love

  4. Akoeta
    June 4, 2022

    Halo Lucas, Just watched you and another Lucas.
    I feel bad that you feel pain and also take on the pain of others. It’s going to break you if you’re not careful.
    Have you heard about the Bruno Groning circle of Friends? Bruno was/is a healer too, when he was two his best friends were the animals in the forest who all came to him. Anyway,if you go to the circle of Bruno Groning friends,you throw all your problems in an imaginary basket and then all people open their hands to receive the heilstrom (godly energy). How much people there are,the healing power gets multiplied, because we are all like batteries which need charging. We are also protected and blessed. Don’t do it alone, we need to unite in this time!!! Bruno Groning groups are all over the world and it is free. Wishing you Love and happiness. Akoeta

    1. Lucas Bergendahl
      June 10, 2022

      Hi Akoeta,

      Thank you for your concern.
      I am familiar with Bruno Groning and the teaching. I haven’t read it, but energies attract my path towards his, as it does to lot of esoteric teachers.
      About your concern, I appreciate it, because you mean it from a good heart. The truth for me is, that when you expand your heart into love, and isn’t concerned about problems and let them control you, you serve people from the eternity of love, and that battery never needs to be charges. It charges as you expand your love towards others. It’s the foundation of serving love. Serving life. Serving God.

      Thank you for your work, and your message.

      With all my love

  5. Wenli
    September 2, 2022

    Client Testimony
    Five reasons that I decided to contact Lucas Bergendahl as my spiritual healer:
    1. I was predisposed by his words and wanted to know more about him when he pointed out the issue of expanding our imagination …
    “You can find the entire universe within yourself. The thing is that we are very afraid of feeling it. We are very afraid of feeling our own powers. We’re very afraid of opening up to the expansion of what we are and what we are not and those things. They have been hidden in the thoughts. There are all the thought forms. They are  hiding the truth. So what is the greatest, what is the biggest challenge on a global form right now is that the thought forms are rising to hide the truth. The truth that none of us really know, but we’re just seekers of it. So that’s the greatest challenge humanity is facing at the moment our thoughts and how the thoughts are controlling us. How we identify ourselves with our thoughts.”
    2. Lucas’ personality shown through with his candid sincerity; bold, creative, and effective.
    “… when people ask me now, what do you do? I cannot say because I don’t even know the concept of all the abilities yet. I’m still in a process where I suddenly just do something, and then the person says what did you do? and I’m like, I don’t know. So I still don’t know the concept of all the abilities yet. To be honest, I’m not so curious in knowing the concepts. Because it’s just happening and for me that’s very beautiful.”
    3. The concept of Spiritual Ego is a first for me. I found it very refreshing and inspiring.
    “Spiritual Ego is the biggest hindrance in working with your past lives. When we start to understand our past lives, we start to see the identity of who we were, then we start to create  a SPIRITUAL EGO around that identity. The SPIRITUAL EGO is way stronger than the NORMAL EGO, because it is the master of holding pain into identity. The best way to not let the spiritual ego take too much control is to always ask yourself, am I honest in my words towards myself? The same way as you should work with your past lives is not seeing it as you, but you’re seeing it as an emotion that arises in the moment …  ”
    4. He respects and treasures humbleness.
    5. The discussion on his Deep Integrated Healing Session showed a level of benevolence which resonated with me. As a result, I decided to contact him.
    “If you can’t afford it, feel free to message me via the chat button on the side. or email me about your situation, and let’s see what we can do for you.” Wenli Yang


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