Did I hurt my animal relation?

Animal telepathy

Mirroring a trauma through an animal without causing it the pain.

A little while ago, my beloved brother and dog Balder got attacked by another dog which wasn’t in a leash.

This is not the first time it have happened. It is actually the 8. Time now. Everytime we start from scratch with 1 year or behaviour training to learn to be around other dogs again. It is not easy, and sometimes I try to imagine which karma can cause this hard work. But that is just my ego talking. And even though I teach others in learning to communicate with animals through telepathy, then some cases needs to be healed through experiences.

I tell this little story because it started to made me wonder the reason for an outer surface pain, and an inner surface pain. Pain transforms in two different aspects you might call it.

The first one is the outer suffering we can experience through such things as a car accident, loosing one you love, dealing with a sickness, or another dog attacking your beloved friend. If we for a second forget the fact, that the karma always is the reason for a pain or suffering to happen. Those situation isn’t created in your mind, which is the second aspect of the pain. The mind and ego controlling us to look at things badly.

So the outer circumstances for suffering, such as a dog is attacking your beloved one, is not created in your mind. It is causing a trauma from an outer circumstance. The inner pain is what is being created by the ego. And often the ego will take over for the outer pain that has been created. As when you start to go into a pattern of feeling sorry for yourself. That is one of the first big signs, that the ego is trying to live of the outer pain that has been crossing your path.

So, why am I telling this?

When this episode happened to Balder, I first was in shock after I tried to respect the language of dogs, and show the other dog to back off. But it had its own reason for attacking Balder, and as I can understand how difficult it also is for the other dog, my only priority is to keep Balder protected, so I even tried to keep the distance to the other dog by kicking it, because Balder tried to hide behind me for me to protect him. This case started to hurt in me after the situation.

The fact that another being like Balder is fearing for his life, but truly give his devotion for me to protect him. How big an unconditional love is that? Is it even something we can understand when we still have an ego that block the fulfillment of the unconditional love?

Surrendering yourself completely for the sake of love

Balder was ready to die in this case, die at my feet, and not because im his owner, and he needs to obey me. That couldn’t be more wrong. He is ready to die at my feet out of pure love. Out of devotion, not to me, but to us, and to the energy between us. We can never truly do that when we have an ego, and now we come to the reason for this article. For how can I be affected in an emotional toxic way for a longer time afterwards, when all there was left for Balder is the outcome of a fore leg in pain, and fear of meeting other dogs?

Animals doesn’t have an ego. This is one of the things im most certain of.

When Balder doesn’t have an ego, the inner pain will not appear to him. What is in his system is to regain his strength in his leg, and fear to see other dogs again. An anxiety which is just the body telling him to react in those situation because the body recognize the situation of being in life danger.

While he worked with this, I started to feel sorry for my self and for Balder. Feeling sorry of how traumatizing this was, and how much I didn’t do my job great enough to protect him while he gave his trust of his life to me. And suddenly I was in too much pain too get the pure telepathy messages which he sent me.

When the ego is talking here, it is the case of an outer situation which is causing you pain, and you start to deal with it in an unhealthy way. Balder dealt with this the healthy way of being objective, taking care of himself and just take few steps, while I started to enter the loop of victimising myself and Balder.

The message with this story is very simple.

Animals can often be our greatest teachers, for that simple reason, that they don’t have an ego at all. And when we have to learn first to accept and thank the ego, but afterwards learning how to detach and not identify ourself with the ego. Then situations like this is sometimes the greatest learning. To learn to stay in the pain but without growing new pain out of it, is what animals master. This is what we need to be inspired by.

Hurting the animal mentally, emotionally or physically

If I start to hurt my animal relation by yelling it him or her for the sake of something that frustrates me, then I put my pain to my animal relation instead of dealing with it myself. This is a lesson lots of us have to remember. Also for our love relation, that our own pain is not the others to take. When you learn animal telepathy, so start to discover how much sickness you cause an animal, by reflecting your emotions towards them.

An animal will never put its pain on us, and we have to learn not to do the same because it is simply not fair to another being that loves us unconditional. Like for example the next time we are out walking and Balder barks insanely much of another dog. Then I need to remember myself for the fact, that Balder have felt in his body that he was close to die in a situation where he had no chance to defend himself. Maybe he just take care of himself and we need smaller steps into the healing process of trusting other dogs again.

When there is a pain in us we feel the need or just the reaction to put to our animal relation. It will always be a part of our ego, and then we needs to heal that ourself and not causing it to our relation of another living being.

Animals are here to help us evolve into a higher consciousness without the ego being in control. They are mastering this and there is always in invitation to be inspired by this.

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Thank you for reading this.

Luc <3

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