Devotion as a path to your Soul. Birthday article part 2.

Incarnation Francesco de Assisi

As some of you readers might have come across on your searching in my work, you might have come across the article where I shared my past incarnation with Francesco de Assisi. A part of my journey which I had kept for myself for a long time, until I last year chose to share it with you all.

Now a year has past by, and as time have giving me so many experiences the past year, I have grown deeper into what this relation with the soul behind Francesco. For this connection I have with him from that life is actually how I see it now, simply a limitation to what is beyond. Francesco as an ascended master is what I see as my soul father. As he is for many others also. The Soul of him is having a tremendous responsibility in the energies that travels into this planetary cycle we are experiencing. Together with so many others, he hold the ”gates” for energies to enter our planetary system. And this was part of what Francesco was teaching me in that incarnation we had together, which was the reason it has been a big focus for me to discover that incarnation.


So now I sit here. It is the of October. My birth-earth day, as I am sharing with that souls incarnation as Francesco. My devotion has not only grown stronger, but also grown into new dimensions. That I have understood the past year, that the devotion is not to my own success. The devotion is for the work of the divine, and I am nothing but a tool for the divine to experience. And I feel it now. I feel how my soul is getting nourished by my devotion for something bigger than myself. It is feeding the sweet nectar of heavenly tide love that I sometimes seems to get a little glimpse of.

And those small glimpses… I have no words for how much love that pumps through my heart and my system when those experiences happens. Mind simply can’t follow even though it tries.

This day, I gave not to myself, to celebrate me. I gave this day to feel the gratitude for my connection with my master. To simply not honoring him, not honorring me. To honor the connection, and to feel the gratitude that pumps through my heart for every beat it takes. Gratitude for being able to experience this mystic phenomenon of having a master you cannot see or hear.

What happened

I took a long walk in the forrest today, as that is where my connection to that soul seems strongest. My mind started to be restless as I walked. Until i did my practice of going out of my own body and mind as I was walking in the forrest. And when I came back to this identity, I saw that bird that showed me a beautiful place last year, coming to me again to show me a new place. A wonderful place of green areas with big trees, as mushrooms was growing all around me. We stood in the middle of natures wonder, as nature showed me. This could only happen because right before this beautiful hawk showed me this place again, I realised that it in within my heart, that I need to seek deeper for the connection to the soul of Francesco. The soul father of my soul. To see my senses with greater depths, which can only be possible through my heart.

I have to dive deeper into my heart, to expand the heart even more, as I have done the past year.

On my way home, i came across a dead squirrel who needed assistance to be dragged away form the stressing road, with cars driving around it. The soul needed peace for its ascension. I first needed a tool to burry it, so I had to drive back to pick it up. And as I gave this squirrel all my love as I buried it, I felt Francesco’s soul in my heart. I was following the path. The path of empathy, to do something greater than myself. To honor other living beings on a day where I was supposed to honor myself. I was standing with a dead squirrel, spending my time burying this beautiful being, and giving it all the time it needed my assistance to find peace to ascend.

I was doing karma yoga. To prioritise other beings who needs your help over your own needs. I felt a stronger connection to his soul open for me.

I will stop this article now and go back to experience this connection opening.

This story is a bit different than my other articles, and maybe more personal, but I wanted to share this because some of you have shown great healings form the article from last year.

And there is something beautiful in spending your birthday on not honoring yourself, but honoring your spiritual work. For your spiritual work will be remembered in the Akasha. Not the material. This is a great lesson for me also, and a new tradition for me. To connect my birth-earth-day with my master. To feel the gratitude, and to set myself free from my own needs.

Remember, we all have these masters. They are always with us.

I hope that this article can give you some idea of what I am experiencing on an inner dimension as my heart expands through this connection. It seems very difficult for me to put words on, but I have tried the best I could.

All my love to all of you


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