Does God exist?

’Those who seek shall find’ Or?

As we stand upon life questions of ´what is death´, ‘Does god exist?’  ´what is God´, and ’Is God real’, we open the perception of asking for an inner truth.

Behind, between and despite all religions, we can seek to find an inner truth consumed by illusions of thought forms and illusions based on identities upon ourselves, but also upon the answer to what God is.

One of the hindrances we intend to create is, when we create an answer. We fear the fact of no answers, and then have to let go of the control.

First of all, we then need to see the addiction of control we have created, and accept that for being there. Then accept it to not be there anymore. To create a present moment without concepts and ideas, and let the mind know, that it will be alright to let the unknown be unknown for now, because the now is everything in this moment.

To let go of the need to have an answer, we open the door of intuitive knowledge pass to us. It can take few seconds, months, or years. It takes the time it needs. But is the only way to seek the truth which is hiding between concepts of this world.

What is God then? And does God exist? Is it insanity to believe in God?

All answers can only be opened to by letting go of the need to find an answer. To seek the unknown without needing an answer is the source to create clear streams of hidden wisdom to the inner you.

Insanity is a tricky word. And I have to say, that as I see it, nothing is insane. Except holding your mind in a locked position without giving yourself the opportunity to be curious for all you haven’t learned yet.

If we believe God will punish us, we will seek to find negativity upon our failures, and be scared to fail. But what if we flipped the thought around, and said that through failures I will learn to do my best to be more aware, empathic and loving the next time?

Those who seek shall find

Old sacred texts tells, ’Those who seek shall find’. When we discuss the search of God, we discuss the opening within yourself. We have to open more than the 5 senses we are aware of we are using. We have to open our intuition, and learn through that. Lots of people work with their intuition, and lots of people claimed to have seen God. Others claimed to have got the message, that God doesn’t exist. How can all this happens if we all the the messages form the same sources? Suddenly we stand in a situation to mistrust to the entire universe, and everything start to rumble around us. It is pretty simple. The intuition we all have within us, and we can use to open to the things we cannot see, is only able to see the verticality of cosmos, to the extend of the expansion of the consciousness of an individual. This means, when one tell he or she saw God, the intuition shows the level she/he is able to see. An identification of an energy. The other can’t see it, and therefore doesn’t get the message. It is all a matter of the expansion of the consciousness within yourself.

”Those who seek shall find”. A lot of strong will power in this quote. It can be a strong motivation to help you as a guideline on your path. There is just one problem with this quote. Whenever we seek, we have a desire to find. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sexual partner you intend to seek, your mobile phone you intend to seek, or God you intend to seek. Desire is living and being created by the ego in you. So when you put attention into seeking you will never find, because the ego always block the intuition. People who tells they have seen this and this and use their intuition this way is simply just an illusion of an imaginary experience. Intuition cant work when the ego is controlling. But still, the quote is right on what it says. When you start your journey, you cannot skip the fact that you are searching, and that is quite alright. Everyone has or is there throughout their process.  To seek is the beginning, but as you cant find presence in wanting it, you cant find God in wanting it.

Little tip to scan for egoic pattern

You have to find a state of natural, where you observe your own desire for seeking. Thereafter letting go of it, and observe what is happening. A good question to trick the ego can be that you ask yourself  ’Am I okay by the fact, that nothing will happen for me, and I wont see what i intend to see?’ As long as you feel pain or something stressing in your system, the ego is still in control.

Shortly spoken; You have to start you journey by seeking, but when you start to discover the depthness within you, you have to let go of the desire to find what you seek for.

Try just for a moment, to be open to the idea that you have trapped yourself in a box and you need to get out by acknowledge that everything you know, might be an illusion.

If we do that, we start to ask question about everything, and open the perception within ourselves to expand the wisdom within through consciousness.

And that is exactly what God is

As I have learned through my training down here, God is within you. God is within me. God is within every living part of the microcosmos and the macrocosmos. God is in your heart because God is you. God is consciousness. And you are consciousness. Every part of your cell is conscious. Every particle in the space is conscious. That is why the quantum physics have started to accept the fact, that every cell, and every particle is intelligent. God is within us all. But for us humans, we have a challenge in, that we have a mind which is creating electrons and intelligent cells to tell our system to be rational. And a rational mind can really understand the depths of this wisdom, simply because it isn’t programmed to understand it. Everytime a negative thought arises, our body activates an army of negative cells, which is feeding the organs with negativity. And suddenly our organs feast of negativity, and we start an addiction to negative thoughts of concepts and rational thinking.

When we clear all the egoic patterns which is causing all suffering within ourselves, which is what some called a ’realised being’ or fully enlightened, then you become God again. That means you are pure consciousness again. No mind to trick you. While we search for the pure contact to God, lets together celebrate a wonderful life on this beautiful world, and be thankful for every teaching. Every teaching, both the light and the dark is created for us to find our way to become one with God again.


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Thank you for reading.



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