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My name is Lucas, and I’m a seer and intuitive healer. I have been granted the ability to see your karmic history, and help you to heal yourself.

Intuitive healing

Part of the healing I offer you is a combination where I will use my channel for healing you energetically in the challenge you face, together with giving you a self healing practice to use in your daily life, for distancing yourself again to those challenges. Read more

Teaching to understand the Ego and the Pain Body

I will guide you in the awareness of, that the ego isn´t you, and will let you feel the not identification of the pain within you, and let you feel your ´deep I´.
Find the source of the ego that lives within you, and give you practices to let go of the ego control.
I will teach you technics to feel the presence. No past, no future. Why is that? None of those are important. Only what you are right now is important. Just inner peace in the present of Now. Read more.

Past life readings

Past life reading is not necessary for healing your traumas, but can be a great way sometimes to understand a confusing situation you are experiencing. I will not let my entire session with you be about this. It will have a minor part of it, all because the understanding of your past life will not be the practice for you to heal your trauma. But sometimes understanding it can be a great help towards the end of the suffering of that trauma. Read more.

Body scan of your energy system

What I do is, that I use my third eye to scan your system, a little the same way as an x-ray scan your body for bone fractures. This way I see where you have a storage of negative energies. Then i use my hands, and letting them vibrate high to release the negative energies, out of your body. Often it will just feels like a little inner release and maybe you are feeling a little dizzy afterwards. Read more.


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  3. Karima
    May 20, 2022

    Hello Lucas,
    My name is Karima I leave in UK, can you help me to activat my chakras?
    Thanks so much in advance for your help.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Lucas Bergendahl
      May 31, 2022

      Hello Karima,

      It will be my honor to help you. Please write me an email on:

      Then we find a time for you.

      With love


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