Intuitive healing

For a long time, people have seen healing as some magic trick that does not exist. Healing is magic, but it exist as much as I am breathing in this moment. Healing is energy, and as Einstein said long time ago, which they have been saying in the eastern for thousands of years, that everything is energy. The air is energy, the water is energy. You are energy. Even stones are energy. Does it sounds weird to you, that energy is a thing you can use that way? Think about sound waves then. Sound waves is also energy. The same way as you learn as a baby to hear and understand the sound waves from another being through your hearing sense, the same way you can learn to feel and understand the energy waves.

Healing is simply a way where you learn to feel what kind of waves and frequency one need, and where a being has an unbalance. Therefore it can seem like magic. What I do, is simply just being a channel for the energy you as a living person needs in this moment, which you maybe have been needed since you were a child, or maybe from an earlier life.

There is a secret which is not a common knowledge. An energetic healing can only heal some wounds. To live a life without fear, stress or anxiety, and to live a life fulfilled with inner peace, there is a self healing part which is inevitable. It can be cured with daily practices, or with changing the mindset even though it can feel impossible for you.

Healing program

A part of my healing program is to give you a self healing you can evolve as part of your life. None of us has the same path to walk, and because of that I do use my soul to guide you through your soul, as guidance for the practices you need on your beautiful journey. Yes, you have a beautiful journey, even though you might not see it. I see it, and I am not the only one seeing it.

A lot of us can cross at least on of these labels of:

  • Anxiety
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Sleeplessness / insomnia
  • Fear
  • Panic attacks
  • Physical pain
  • Skin problems
  • Feeling of not belonging here
  • Burnout

Today it is normal to live a stressfull life, without much time to find the inner peace. Therefore challenges as anxiety and panic attacks had become a daily part of our lifes.

Intuitive healing session is for you who suffers from insomnia, physical pain, anxiety or just something that is getting a little too much for you to handle. We will have a 10 minute call where you share your troubles and I will give an advice for you to follow. Then I will make an astral healing by travelling to the astral realm and sent the frequency your body needs for the electromagnetic field inside of you to find better balance.
This healing have helped lots of people with sleeping problems, anxiety, skin problems and panic attacks. All these hindrances where we feel powerless, the healing frequency will balance your energy system and help you. The price is € 30 (225,- DKK; 31 USD) for this healing session. Before the healing we will have a Skype/Zoom call (10 minutes).

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