Past life reading

Past life reading

If you believe that something more than just a human shaped form made out of blood and flesh… You somehow have the intuitive seeing off, that all living beings has something much wiser and stronger than the body you live in right now.

We all have a soul, and this soul has its purpose on the planet to learn to handle physical and rational situation. It all has to do with soul experience. When our souls got the experience of how to handle a human form, it moves along further into the realm of consciousness. But for now that is not what we have to put our awareness on. Right here, and right now we are living on this planet. All to learn how to handle the challenges here. Because it takes the soul (mostly) a lot of life’s to learn to handle the rational mind, we incarnate again and again. Until we learn how to live here in fully presence.


When you are having one life with traumas, As we all come across in our life journey. And you haven’t healed that trauma completely, it will follow your soul dow to the next incarnation. Therefore a lot of the emotional pain we experience in this life form, can be tracked back to an earlier life. This is often associated with an emotional pain which you don’t know where comes from. And you feel you have had for your entire life. Like an emotional pain you have been born with. If you feel for it, I will let my soul speak. By asking if I can dive back to your previous life, and see if you have a traumatic experience you need to be told about and understand to heal it.

Such experiences will be shown to you by:

  • Feeling you were born with either an emotional or physical pain.
  • Feeling an unfair feeling about certain situations in your life.
  • Confusing about why things are happening to you like it is.

Past life reading

Past life reading is not necessary for healing your traumas, but can be a great way sometimes to understand a confusing situation you are experiencing. I will not let my entire session with you be about this. It will have a minor part of it, all because the understanding of your past life will not be the practice for you to heal your trauma. But sometimes understanding it can be a great help towards the end of the suffering of that trauma.


The price is € 55 (400,- DKK; 59 USD) for this healing session. This will happen over a Zoom/Skype call (30 minutes).

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