How did I access the gift granted to me?


It all began when I was a kid.
I wasn’t aware of my abilities. But I was very afraid of the darkness. I could feel, that someone was watching me. My mom took me to different kind of therapist, whom should help me with ”getting over” my fear of darkness. It all felt okay after I did it, but i never felt secure in the dark. First now after i opened up i understand why I was so afraid of the darkness. I will come back to that later.

My time in school  was very hard. I was seen as a lazy kid who didn’t want to learn. That is at least what I felt during the school. And what I felt towards others, is now a very good explanation for me to feel so tired in school. Because  what I felt during the classes and in the breaks, was my friends feelings, their pain and sometimes it was so intense, that I could sense their thoughts and what they were about to say. Also what they wanted to say, but reacted totally opposite. This was very hard. Because as much of us knows, the teen hood is a time full of hormons that is causing us pain and suffering. And thank god for that. That’s why we grow as much as we do during this time.

But back to my school time. When I sensed those painful emotions form my friends, I sometimes felt a strong love towards them, created in my heart, and sent to their hearts. Other times I just shut down. All this happened without me being aware of what happened. I talked to nobody about it. And I was living in a world where I was in the believe that this was a thing everyone was doing.

So when i was feeling sad or painful (which I did a lot), I couldn’t understand why anyone was helping me the same way as I was helping them. This made me feel like I wasn’t worth anything. This trauma, has been one of the hardest for me to realize. And it was actually when I found out of this, I could start to heal my idea of, I wasn’t worth of receiving love. A healing journey I’m still working with.

What happened was, after I had healed the biggest wounds of this story, that my time on my school of learning telepathy to living beings had come to an end. I could see my path and I had never been so sure about, that I was following my path exactly as someone from above intended me to do.

Someone very close to me started out of nowhere to act like an obsession, and smacking the doors and screaming like I’ve never experienced before in this way.

I felt powerless, but could feel, that I wanted to dive down into a meditation to see if I could help somehow. What happened was, that I saw some dark spots that has been placed on this person. I went into a big healing process of removing these spots. When I removed the last spot from this persons kindly, i woke up by being tossed back and hitting the couch behind me.

The day after my mom had told me, that my grandmother who was at this time 89 years old, had some big troubles with sleeping. I felt that I wanted to help her without knowing exactly how. So I dived into a deep meditation again. I travelled to her body, and I saw what organs that was weak, and i suddenly saw a big red ray coming from a place of nothing outside in another dimension. I guided the ray towards my grandmother and the weak organs and spent an amount of time here. Until I felt I couldn’t do anything more.

I didn’t tell my grandmother about this, because I wasn’t sure it would help. The next day my grandmother called my mom to say that she ’ have slept like a little child all night’. After this experience it went fast, and my healing gift become more and more clear to me, how I could use them.

At this point, I could feel that something very powerful inside of me started to arise. I saw future sights, and people in their past life’s. I saw people for who they were, and their ego as the history of them. And suddenly in a few weeks, I saw my gift as clear as how I could use them in a combination of assisting people in their journey to the end of suffering, with a higher consciousness.

The darkness i was afraid of suddenly visited me as, let’s just call them ghost, poked me on the shoulder while i was sleeping. They were seeking for help as well. And all my time as a kid I was afraid of the unknown. Is was unknown until i surrendered to the unknown, and it then showed itself to me. For that I now help lost souls ascending again together with assisting souls that now has left the earth for a short amount of time until they reincarnate again.

Why am I telling this story?

It is easy to forget what we human brings a capable of perform. And what I can do is what anyone can learn. It all depends on how much you will face your egoic challenges and not identify yourself with the pain it is suffering. The more you distance the you to the ego, the more of your true abilities will shine through. Because we all have them. Of course we have different abilities because none is the same soul wise. For being the same we gotta travel out to e more far destination to understand and feel that. I will make an article about that another time.

I am telling you this, because as long as the ego is in a part of control. Your soul will not grant you your abilities, for as long as it is in a control. Your abilities can be used in a wrong egoic way, and it is a universal fact, that egoic use of powers give you a big karmic punch one day or another, and you will loose your gift for that. It can happen after you granted your abilities, that you can feel a big power arising in you. This is what most of people granted some kind of gift feels. And it is something all of us has to go through.

It is okay to feel it, but if you won’t let it go, you will loose the gift again one day.

And then what is left then? The power of imagination. Imagination and true powers are a very close to each other, and often is the same. Just be aware of, a lot of people in this period we are in, have lost their sense of humbleness towards their gift, and a lot of it will be in the imagination. The best thing to do is just follow your heart. If a person that shows he or she can help you feels right for you when you feel your stomach and then your heart, then trust yourself. If it’s not feeling right, then you should also trust yourself.

It can be, that you aren’t vibing on a frequency with this person, and therefore the person can’t open up the way you truly need. Then the person might tell you some great things, but you will walk away and not feel that this is the reason you went to this clairvoyant or healer. Trust your inner voice, which often can feel like silence. Your inner voice is silence, for only in silence you will meet your pure intuition.

So how do you know when you have been granted the abilities?

Let me say it this way. If you have a strong intention of you want them, you will most likely not get them before you let go. The strong intention is part of your ego, and needs to feel the surrender before you can open the portal. Trust your path. Your soul will grant you what you need to evolve in this life as you need. As Jesus said: ’Love yourself as you will love others. Before you do that, you will not be able to love’.


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