How long does a spiritual awakening last?

spiritual awakening

After I started to have clients in 1:1, I´ve come upon a question. ´How long does a spiritual awakening last?´ This question comes in different variations, but no matter what, it always will have the same answer. And that is simply just the truth of a spoken word. Its energy. Nothing else.
 So what is the answer?

Spiritual awakening

To understand the answer, we need to dive a little deeper into what a spiritual awakening actually means. Luckily it has become a very familiar expression in the modern times. But if we go back in time, we already talked about a spiritual awakening at the time Buddha was living. But it has been a known secret truth for as long as we have been incarnating on this planet. Some people se the spiritual awakening as a git of powers. That people suddenly gain the ability to heal others, or maybe starting to get a higher sense of empathy towards themself, and others. All of this is true, but there is a deeper explanation of that a spiritual awakening is. Spirituality has been granted a vision of sitting in a lotus posture surrounded by incense which will clean out your chakra´s. But spirituality is bigger than rituals.

Rituals were creating in a past time for letting us connect to whatever we needed to connect to. For that rituals can of course still be good, and I will recommend rituals if you have a challenging time diving into some situations. But in the bigger picture, we truly don´t need them anymore. Spirituality is just a label of the knowledge of what life is created by. Energy. Being awaken into your spirituality means, that you aren´t sleeping anymore. And now is awaken for the what life is about. You start to feel everything is alive. And you start to be awaken into your old patterns of past wounds and traumas. And suddenly start to see how you can transform your pain in your body by allowing it to be there for as long as it needs. When this change happens, you become present afterwards and being in the presence, you are awaken into what life is about. So spiritual awakening is presence. The power of Now.

So for answering the question:

A spiritual awakening is not a one time thing that will occur once, and suddenly disappear for eternity again. A spiritual awakening will “die“ as soon as you begin to sleep during your day. And as our souls resurrects, the spiritual awakening will resurrect again, whenever we need it. It will follow us for the rest of our life, because a spiritual awakening is the connection to our deep I, or our higher selfs. It is simply the way of not identifying yourself as the suffering you think you have become in your sleeping times. And when we have accomplished this, we end this a fulfilled awakening. A Present moment. Buddha called it Nirvana, Jesus calls it heaven. Today we call it present moment. So how long does it last? As long as you aren’t scared of the emotions and obstacles which will occur in life. And that is truly what life is about.

Thank you for reading.

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  1. Beatrice
    June 8, 2022

    Dear Lucas,
    I was in a very lucky position to get a healing session with you. I’am really very touched to my heart what you’ve been discovered in my body. You did re-open my blocked lungs and finally I can feel it, all those years I did not breath for my whole life like it should be. My breathing felt like it was only a breath of surviving in this life. Not deep, only superficial. Since I went whereby true a traumata in my childhood I never could take a deep breath of relieve again. I’ve been burned since I went whereby the traumata. To feel the difference between now and before, it’s really amazing. Thank you.
    You also found out, that my Sakralchakra was blocked for years and you re-open it to work again. Not to forget, that you also saw that my liver is poisoned with mercury because of the medication, which is truly true. The blood analysis shows a heavily contamination.
    Dear Lucas, I’m really thankful and I wish to all out there to connect you and go true the fantastic gift from you to help the humanity.
    Thank you!!!

    1. Lucas Bergendahl
      June 10, 2022

      Dear Beatrice,
      You pure being of light.
      Thank you for these beautiful words. They touch my in a very deep place, and I feel all the love for you, on your journey to heal.
      You are an amazing being, and it was, and is my honor to serve you, on your journey towards your self healing.
      You are doing so great in the Grace of light.
      Thank you for being you, dear you.

      With all my love


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