How to let go of heartbreak

I am telling this story, because one of the biggest pains we can experience in life is the heartbreak of one we love.

At this planet, lots of different energies travels down here, to assist us in our journey.

There are 7 specific rays of energies that is having a bigger affect on us than others. In another article I will describe those 7 rays.

For now I will focus on the energy of love which is one of the rays.
Love is one of the strongest energies we experience in our lives. As good it can feel, as painful it can be. Often it can fill our state with more pain than with joy. At least that is how it can feel.

The truth is, that most of our love is created in the thought form. This love of thinking about specific situation, I will now with my rebellion heart tell you that, it is an illusion. The love you can feel which gives you a tickling in your stomach which can remind us of the feeling you can have in uncomfortable situations. This is an example the illusion of love.

It is here created in your thoughts when you think of another person. The real and pure love is unconditional. It is limitless, and is so pure… that it doesn’t carry on the heaviness of negativity of jealousy, misbeliefs or any thought form. Not even the joyful ones.

Pure unconditional love is something you can feel as deep as an instinct, where you don’t have to think yourself to feel the love. Is runs in your veins as soon as you look at a person, or at yourself for that matter.
This explanation can be tricky for lots of people to read, and lots of people doesn’t believe it. That is also fine.

I am telling this story, because one of the biggest pains we can experience in life is the heartbreak of one we love.

When we are in a relationship to another person, this person become one of our closest. This is causing that we open up to this person, and let our egoic patterns shines through in such a way that we aren’t always aware of what we are causing of pain to the one we love.

This is a very overviewed state to explain lots of people go separate ways, either in dramatical situations, or in neutral states.

Both of them we can learn a lot from.

The biggest heartbreaks can be the one we learn most of, when we realize to accept how painful it can be, and not suppress it. Either by finding a new person shortly after, or drowning the sorrow in keeping yourself active all the time. Let me be clear and say, that of course you can shortly after breaking up with someone, find a loving person that you feel deeply connected to. But often it is a pattern of running away from the great teaching you can find in the suffering of being alone.

Often you find it by feeling the deep hole inside of you that you are left alone with.
This hole is an illusion. And illusion of the thought form you have created in your mind by how your life together should be, and what you intended to experience.
The trauma that will follow you during a heartbreak is never the real heartbreak that will follow you, for what is happening to someone their entire life.

The heartbreak will be healed when you aren’t afraid of facing the suffering, and accepting that you have a dark period which is truly filled with an unbearable pain.
The illusion of the pain that is following you through your life, is what you have created in your mind, and keep thinking of.

Strong heartbreak

It is important, when you feel the strong heartbreak to listen to your body, and feel where in your body you can feel the pain either emotional or physical. In this moment you gotta let go of the thoughts. And put them to rest for a period, and only tune in yourself, to accept the feelings that are living inside of you in this moment.

Forgiveness to the other person is always something that will happen as soon as you are ready. A forgiveness for you feel how this person has another story, and another view than you. And this view is as true as your. Just for this person. We all have different stories, and therefore different views on the entire physical life. This is important. Your story is as true as the other persons story. But your feeling you have inside of you, are totally real for you, and therefore you gotta accept them.

A strong heartbreak is something most of us will experience through our journey, some early in life, others later on. What is important to understand, that as much as life can feel like it is over, and there is nothing to live for. That this is the room where you can find the greatest growing of yourself to experience your own vulnerability. And your own love, which you don’t need another person for. You can give it to yourself!

Even though you feel like you are all alone, because of this extremely pain you have in you, I will tell you now. You are never alone. When one door closes, better ones will open for you. That is a universal fact and it is called ’Law of Attraction’. Yes the law is also existing in here.
You are not alone, and this unbearable pain, is as beautiful as you feel it is an enemy to you. Strong love is what learn us true growing when we lay our walls down and face it for the suffering it is containing.

Time heal the wounds of the pure suffering. But for the thoughts we create afterwards, we gotta heal them ourselves.

The middle of a heartbreak

If you stand in the middle of a heartbreak, I truly understand you feel alone. I feel how this is something you feel no-one have experienced before. Just remember. It is okay.

I also experienced it with the girlfriend who left me while I was in my journey to open up for my psychic senses. When she left me, I lost the biggest safety I still had on this physical level. For a long time i shutted down without I was aware of it. Until one day where I could feel this strong restlessness for filling the hole she left me with, with something else. Here I discovered how important it was for me to accept this hole to be there for as long as I needed.

What I experienced in that moment was, still a very strong pain, but a more settled pain without the uncontrollable stress, which is caused in the unconscious state. Remember, we are unconscious until we aren’t unconscious anymore. When I surrendered to this pain, I started to heal my wounds which went very fast as soon as i started to acknowledge unbearable pain I had stored inside of me.

The pain of heartbreak can be unbearable. When we are opening to love, we are learning how to grow. Here we are stronger than we know. But it is also important to say… that to experience the deep unconditional love, we gotta let go of the thoughts about the person we like. We gotta feel the love and our own vulnerability though our heart without the mind controlling.
Love is on a very high frequency, which can be hidden in the thoughts. Therefore you truly gotta seek into your own vulnerability. And be able to feel your heart in this vulnerability while you still are in the loving state.

As I said, love is unconditionally. Therefore, when I let go of my thoughts, I can now say, that I love you.

Thank you for reading.

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