Deep integrated healing session1300,- DKK (€ 173; 176 USD)
Intuitive healing 225,- DKK (€ 30; 31 USD)
Past life reading400,- DKK (€ 55; 56 USD)
Body scan of your energy system225,- DKK (€ 30; 31 USD)
Apprenticeship1500,- DKK per month (€ 200 ; 200 USD)

Deep integrated healing session

My sessions will cost 1300,- DKK (€ 173; 176 USD), which include a combination of my abilities together. We will take the time it need for you, to proces the information. This means no time limit.
If you can’t afford it, feel free to message me via the chat button on the side. or email me about your situation, and let’s see what we can do for you.

Intuitive healing

Intuitive healing session is for you who suffers from insomnia, physical pain, anxiety or just something that is getting a little too much for you to handle. We will have a 10 minute call where you share your troubles and I will give an advice for you to follow. Then I will make an astral healing by travelling to the astral realm and sent the frequency your body needs for the electromagnetic field inside of you to find better balance.
This healing have helped lots of people with sleeping problems, anxiety, skin problems and panic attacks. All these hindrances where we feel powerless, the healing frequency will balance your energy system and help you. The price is € 30 (225,- DKK; 31 USD) for this healing session. Before the healing we will have a Skype/Zoom call (10 minutes).

Past life reading

I will offer you a session where I open up to your karma, to see what you have been carrying with you to this moment to heal it. This is an excellent opportunity to open up to some of the healing that will benefit you and your journey in this moment. I am in the believe, that the hindrances and challenges we face, is showing in the time of them to be healed. The session will not only be seeing your past lives, but also heal the energies that is stuck in you.
The price is € 55 (400,- DKK; 59 USD) for this healing session. This will happen over a Zoom/Skype call (30 minutes).

Body scan of your energy system

As you take your steps in your healing process, your body will show different unbalanced all connected to the energies of the suppressed traumas. Being aware of which chakra is in unbalance and what unbalance your physical body and organs has, gives you a clear and great opportunity to clear your mind from a heavy ness that doesn’t serve you anymore.
The price is € 30 (225,- DKK; 31 USD) for this healing session. This will happen over a Zoom/Skype call (15 minutes).


I am currently taking new students to learn to navigate in the illusion we are stuck in. Teaching you, as well as giving you the tools for preparing for every encounter of enlightenment you will meet upon your path, as some will stay for eternity.

Wether you seek to learn telepathy, healing, learning or navigate in the akasha records. I will assist you on your path.

I have been called to make the apprenticeship on a monthly basis. Before we begin, we will have a talk about how long you wanna commit for the first period. This is because, I will some times push to the ego and the patterns the amount I have to, for you to let go and open your spiritual perceptions for your inner magic to reveal itself. Because of this I give you the responsibility of telling how long you wanna commit for the beginning, wether it’s a couple of months, or half a year or few years. Giving you the freedom to decide for yourself if things will get difficult. After the end period we will have a talk to see if you wanna expand the period, and diving deeper into the wisdom inside of you.
Be aware that you will not be pushed more than you can handle. The growing will be remarkable for you to awaken and reaching closer to the spirit.
We will have two monthly teachings about the topic that arises within you in the particular moment, as we will have weekly chats about your journey and hindrances you come across on the path.
The price will be 200 euro per month.
If you feel a call for this, sent me an e-mail and we will have a talk.

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