The duality of Free will and Destiny

Free will or Destiny?

One big topic that takes lots of out attention on our search for liberation is, what the concept of free will is.

What is free will and destiny?

We search upon so many topics of how to live out life to the best potential. And how we should behave towards others, as to ourselves.

And we have how awareness upon, that whatever shall happen, will happen. But at the same time we feel guilty when we did something that didn’t feel like the right thing to do.

Whatever shall happen will happen. That is the destiny as we know it. Feeling guilty because we did something wrong is the concept we live in. That the free will is something we have control over.

So the big question is, ’How can we both let everything happen that has to happen – Destiny. As we can make mistakes because we chose wrong – Free will’.

As far as I am capable to see it, both things are very real. But how can both things be a reality for us?

If we take a look on the energies that is associated with these two ”concepts”, and which energies that is deeply connected for us to work with, with these two concepts. Then we might be able to get a better idea of how both things can occur at the same time.

Free will:

Free will is strongly connected to the energies of freedom we search on our spiritual journey. To let go of the chains that have been holding us back for a long time. The identification we give ourselves of having the free will, is also connected to the energy of having a responsibility. That everything we cause, will have an effect at another time. To be able to make your own mistakes for being a free person. To create cause and effect. Cause and effect. Cause and effect. That is the karmic wheel, which we are stuck in.


Destiny is deeply connected to the energy of faith. Whatever shall happen, happens as it is meant to be. This energy is one of the strongest energies to work with. Until we make a mistake and the energy of free will come to play with us again. When this energy occurs in our thought again, you might be able to observe it so intensely, that you at last see, that it is the lack of free will that caused the effect in your system to believe that you did something that was your own free will that caused it. It is connected to the lack of faith, that everything happens as it has to happen.

I am working as a healer and karmic reader. And as I see these energies. It is both just the karma playing its trip in our minds. The karma creates a challenge where we come across the ”choice of willpower”, as being able to have the destiny to choose whatever we wanna choose. The mind wants to be in control, and therefore the mind in us keeps saying we have this control. The downside of this mind trip is, when we feel guilty for something we did. Let me tell you a thing now dear. You can never escape the destiny of your karma. The destiny of your karma. Destiny. Karma. Your karma is your destiny, and everything that will happen to you, is the karma playing its role in the life you live, for you to learn what you need to learn.

As a healer, I heal peoples karma. So I go in, and take a little baggage of the persons karma. To give it to myself, and help the person heal this part a little by little.

Let me ask you a question, and after you’ve read this question, take a little moment to reflect and contemplate on this question before you read further:

How can I be able to take a little portion of a persons karma, if there is no free will to take it. Wasn’t it you who came to me to take this healing to get help with the karma? Isn’t that you as a free spirit whom choose that? And me as a free spirit whom choose to help?

Have you been contemplated?

Great! Let’s dive into the answer:

The veils in a human mind is many and stronger than we are able to see. The tunnel to the soul is covered with veils upon veils. And all these veils shows nothing else than the illusion we see. So when we see the veil of you taking the will to come to me to heal this karma, you made that decision yourself. But what you aren’t able to see yet is, that behind the will of you taking this decision, is the karma playing out. That you and me has a history, where I am here to have a responsibility to help you for the greater good of not only you, but something bigger than both of us.

Behind the veil is the destiny of our karma. One big karmic wheel that all of us is just playing around in, as we take every step, and every breath in our lives to heal the karma. Because that is the destination. The free will is one of the strongest veils in the mind, that we think we are able to have anything to say in our life on this magnificent planet. The truth is, it is just a veil, and there is nothing in you than your destiny of playing out the karma. And that game have already been played. You cannot take one step without it is already being chosen by the karmic wheel. Observe and enjoy love. There is nothing else for you to do, than learning to be aware of these games.

All games created by the Source which some call God. You can read a little about that here.

Watch the tunnel to see the will is nothing than something you need to believe until you see through it one day

The will is simply is there for us to believe we have the will to make a mistake, so we can learn to let go of that identification. If we believe we have the choice, we stay stuck in the mind, and we won’t find the path in the tunnel to the soul, as that veil is something we first need to break through.

By working with your destiny from the empathic state is where you shall free the karma that is keeping you stuck in mind. And until then, be open to the idea, that everything you experience is a wonderful teaching. There is nothin else than what is left when mind is not in control anymore.

We are dancing in divine destiny of our karma.

I am also creating some videos on youtube where I share some histories. Feel free to check it out here.

With all my love


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