What are chakras?


Before we answer the question ‘What are chakras’, I wanna tell for the sceptic reader here. Consider using the few minutes it takes you to read this with your sceptic mind. You are allowed to be sceptic, but give it a change before shutting down.

The chakras are energy centers within our body. Most of us knows about the 7 chakras, or at least have heard about the chakras. The truth is, that we have at least 114 chakras in our body.

A chakra is the sourceholder, and is responsible for one specific kind of energy which our body needs to stay vitalized. So why aren’t it general knowledge, that our body contains 114 chakras?

The 7 primary chakras

For that we need to dive back to the 7 primary chakras: Muladhara (Root chakra), Svadhishthana (Sacral chakra), Manipura (Solar Plexus chakra), Anahata (Heart chakra), Vishuddha (Throat chakra), Ajna (Third Eye chakra), Sahasrara (Crown chakra).

These 7 chakras is our main energy center in the body, and they are placed at our spine, starting from our tailbone, all the way up to the top of our head. If these 7 chakras are aligned, and not blocked all the others will follow more or less. But don’t be in believe that it is easy to have these 7 chakras in alignment.

It’s a long process, because each chakra can be blocked by the smallest unhealed trauma within ourselves. Therefore you can imagine how big a project it would be to have your focus on al 114 chakras. The other will follow the alignment of the 7.

Not all see the chakras the same way as being told here. You can call them different things, and some religions in the east for example see them totally different. And all of that is, as I see it still right. The chakras are far beyond too complexed for us to understand to be completely honest. People can spend a lifetime studying the chakras, and still some big questions can come, because it is too complexed to be described this easy.

But to make a very intelligent and thousands years of study for the humankind short; the chakras is the gateway to what we can call ’Heaven’.  Religions all over the world have known about this, but is now forgotten. I will describe this phenomenon in another article.

All energy is frequencies

All frequencies has different vibration, and therefore different colours, because colours is also vibrations. Each chakra got its own colour. This colour is a great tool to activate each. You can by searching on the internet about each chakra, find both colours, but also which kind of challenges in your life it can be associated with.

The one it is associated with, will most of the times also be the one that is blocked of the trauma, so sometimes, you can rational think what kind of chakra you can work with to assist yourself on your journey of ’ The end of suffering’.

Remember, this is the reason all of us are here. But to dive deep into the chakras, you often need to use a strong intuition which isn’t emotionally affected by the situation. For that reason it is good to have someone to look at the chakras once in a while.

Don’t hesitate to heal your chakras, but keep in mind, that only by very disciplined work you will have the alignment of all the 7 chakras.

A phenomenon exist. The kundalini. I will dive into the kundalini in the article about the gateway to heaven. I will just tell you, that you have to make a deep research of the kundalini before you start your journey on the kundalini. It is not something for everyone. You have to be prepared for it.

If you now still thinks, that the chakras are some hocus pocus harry potter wizard stuff, I will just tell the sceptic reader, that scientific evidence for the chakra has been proven. The same way as the general society now accepts the meridian system as a brother, or a sister to our nervous system, the same way the general society starts to awaken to the feeling of our chakras is existing.

As i said, everything is energy, and because of that, scientific research have shown, how the different colours, associated to each chakra is actually existing in the area the chakra is placed. And working with a specific chakra, the evidence came clear, how the colours were growing bigger and bigger in the body. This is also a thing you can feel in your own body. It feels like a tickling in the area the chakra is placed.

If you feel you need assistant in your journey of evolving and activating your chakras, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with questions. I will be here to assist you, and guide you.

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