How to unlock your magic abilities – crucial step

Unlock your magic

As we awaken into higher realms of the mental state, the awakening in the physical realm takes form. The form is always constant, and therefore the form will never look the same. It will simply be impossible for the mind to put the awakening into one form. Mind will try, and will keep trying for as long as we are evolving into the highest awakening. This hindrance is simply just something we have to be aware of. If you find yourself in a state as you read this, where you question the truth in the words I put out here. Then I invite you now to ask yourself the question:

How can mind put a form into something that is formless? Isn’t that a control of something vast which operates beyond the mind?

Don’t get me wrong. When forms takes place, they can give us tools to see how far we are in our process. But one day we have to wake up and see the form as a limitation of something bigger.

Everytime we wake up to this truth, which will happen countless of times, our frequency will keep rising up.  When our frequency is arising. We open the gates for our spiritual senses which I chose in this article to call ’Extrasensory Perceptions’, also known as ESP. There is countless of names for ESP. Behind the names you find the senses which work with the non physical realm, of the etheric, astral dimensions. When you face the truth within yourself, and won’t let the ego decide the reality of you, then you have an opening to the ESP.

With an opening of ESP you are opening to the vastness of the inwards as the outwards. The only limitation of the ESP is when you let the mind be in control. Simply because the ESP reaches beyond the mind, and make you gather all information your soul have been collected through the millions of years it has been experiencing in this universe.

This is the key to your magic. The ESP.

Let me use an example:

When I am communicating telepathically with animals, whether  it is domesticated animals, or animals in the wild, I am using the ESP.

When I’m using the ESP to communicate, I have learned to receive just a tiny drop og my souls experience which I will choose to call wisdom. And through this wisdom, I am learning to remember. Simply learning to remember.

When you learn to communicate with other beings in such a pure and clarifying way, that you not only can receive the information they are trying to give, but also learn to receive the message from their souls, on what the physical being needs, which that being not know itself yet. For me that is one example of magic.

How to unlock your magic abilities?

How do you unlock it within you?

Every beings ESP is different, as every soul has its own individual experience. The same way as every chart in astrology is its own personal. Never have the chart of you been here before, and neither will it never come again. Yours are one of a kind. Does it makes a little sense now why you are such a wonderful being?

This means that you cannot follow a recipe to unlock the depthness of your ESP. You have to seek inwards and follow your instincts and intuition, and most of all, your heart.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, telepathy is one gate you can reach from the ESP, but you can learn to use your spiritual senses in tremendous way you have no idea how much vastness it contains.

If you have been reading my former articles, you will find articles about much of different variety of topics I dive into. I use Akasha records, telepathy travelling beyond time dimensions in mental states, frequency healing, physical healing, calling upon the forces of nature, and some more I will not mention here.

If you haven’t ben reading any yet, and you are interested in reading more about it, I recommend you to read this article.

There are countless of openings to the ESP and because I’m not using forms and concepts, I’m letting my intuition takes over, and trying as less as possible to not let mind be in control. Therefore I cannot ask very constructive when people ask me what I can do. Nor has it any interest for me. The only interest I have, is when I am having the responsibility to help and serve someone. I am form this state asking from such a deep spot in my heart, and asking the being how I can serve. This is the only interest I have.

When you start to work with the frequencies, because you see them so clear, that you can cooperate with them for a greater cause. This is simply the short version of magic. Being able to “manipulate” with the energies for a greater good.

What is the big secret?

The big secret is simple to understand, but complex to live in fullfilment.

It is to maintain such a presence if the emotions that is arising within you.

Together with learning to not let the feelings be in control. And to separate the mind from being your mind, to just be the mind.

 First of all you need to understand that the feeling are only being created in the mind, and the mind is creating them out of your emotions. The reason for this is a more complex than I will write in this article. Maybe for another.

Emotion arises within you, thought starting to be created, and then the feelings are taking the control.

Neutral state of mind:

‘You have to be neutral! You have to be neutral in mind!’ My former master told me.

This is a secret a lot of students in apprenticeship as a master will hear. And this wisdom is one of the most crucial steps for you to unlock the magic you posses, whatever it is.

You simply have to learn first of all to feel your feelings and allow yourself to feel them. After that you need to find this neutral state in your mind, where you won’t be affected of negativity nor positivity. When you have entered this state you can open to the emotions arising within you. And as you learn to work with the emotions arising within you, you will create more fuel on your magic. Like putting gas on a car. But working with them from the neutral state if the crucial step to work with the magic in the pure and powerful way.

This wisdom can be very hard to maintain by yourself, as mind will always try to find spaces in the work you do to keep you attained.

This is why I am helping students unlocking their true powers.

Being their brother as well as being the mean person talking the truth which the ego never likes.

The path is simply but yet very complex. It is important for me to say, that you never walk this alone. There is always a hand to hold onto you, if you feel a need for it.

There have been many amazing magicians and beings with strong powers since the beginning of humanity. If you seek for inspiration for a new world opening up, I will recommend you to look upon Edgar Cayce, or Dion Fortune. These are some of the more well known who have been working with magic, the energy in its pure frequences.

In Lak’ech


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  1. Wenli
    August 8, 2022

    Thank you deeply for sharing your spiritual teaching journey as a true teacher. 💐 ❤️ 🙏

    I learned yesterday that “in the gnostic teachings, it’s generally understood that each person carries within their consciousness on average 10,000 egos, probably even more in most cases … ”

    Now I understand that realizing egos and kicking out of them is a daily full time job and lifelong job. I sincerely welcome my teacher pointing out my egos anytime if I didn’t realize them. I would do my best to remove it from my system immediately, completely, permanently.

    When I read this article, I discovered a low frequency term “the mean person” in the sentence “Being their brother as well as being the mean person talking the truth which the ego never likes.” I was just little confused that why my teacher identify himself like this???

    Pure blessings 🕊️


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