Egoic structure development

Becoming somebody we aren’t supposed to be

Early on in the life we live, we will be placed in the middle of a somebody training program. A program that has turned out to be distancing who we truly are, with other peoples expectations. Somebody training happens from the moment we are born, and our parents, the system, and our schools have certain expectations of us to become somebody, through development in life.

This is where the ego is being activated

Thats what I believe is a misunderstood idea, that we have to become somebody to become happy. Therefore we all walk around with a somebody mask on. So throughout the life in our phase of childhood, and teenhood, we see others somebody masks, and slowly learn a little of everyones masks, until we have build our own we take with us as adults. With that mask on, we walk around in search to find happiness in a material world. This is what I chose to call egoic structure development. We start to see others ego, controlling our surroundings, and learn from an early stage when we are still in the naive belief that we have to listen to the older and learn from them that we have to build a somebody for ourself.

There is a fine line between feeling happy and suppressing your emotions.

What if I told you now, that as long as you have the belief of, you need to find happiness through becoming somebody, that you will only distancing yourself more and more to the love and joy of life. And you won’t be able to fill the space inside of you, that seeks for happiness. Would you believe me then?

The somebody training is here to teach us, so I wanna express my gratitude for being able to be in this challenge with all of you, where we learn and we grow in our journey to not becoming somebody anymore. From a soul perspective this is a huge soul experience we should feel lucky to receive.

The somebody within us feast through the material world

A lot of people I have met will argue for, that they feel happy in their material life, as it is now. And to those I will always tell them, that I am happy to hear that. And that is the truth. If they feel the happiness, then I wanna gratitude that by being happy for them, even though that happiness is an illusion for suppressing a part of their emotions. This is one of the things we have to be aware of in a material world filled with things we can hide behind, of gadgets, amazing beds, beautiful televisions etc etc.

What if I ain’t ready yet to let go of my history and who I am?

I have met lots of people which I have talked about this, and often I come upon a question from those who aren’t ready to drop their history which is what the somebody is. I always tell, that no one shouldn’t force something that doesn’t feel right. But a thing to be aware of is simply just, that when we aren’t working with releasing the history of who we are, the somebody program, Then we suppress our emotions.

What happens then?

What happens when we suppress our emotions is, that they one day will evolve into some kind of sickness. It is just a thing to be aware of. Some aren’t ready to take the journey to let go of the somebody they believe they are. And for me, that will always be okay. I will not stand in the way of anyone that wants to stay stuck in their current situation. But I will always be there when a person is ready to let go of the identity and story which have been put upon them, and they have compared themselfs to throughout their whole life.

One day we will all go through it. The question is, do you feel you are ready yet?

First thing on that list will be to accept the reality of your emotions, and not try to judge them. The emotions have been build into feelings through your past of a history where you have been build to be somebody.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will always be honored to assist others in their journey of the letting go of the somebody.

Lots of gratitude


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  1. Lidia Rodrigues
    May 25, 2022

    I just saw you today and really enjoyed your information and your description of who you are

    1. Lucas Bergendahl
      May 31, 2022

      Thank you Lidia,

      Thank you for your kind words <3

  2. Wenli
    August 16, 2022

    【Client Testimony】How was my Spiritual Ego rising up during the healing session with Lucas?

    What did my heart tell, my body’s instinctive reaction, and my mind’s response when I first read your(Lucas) note: “if I told you that you were from Atlantis, how much would you keep that identity towards yourself? First answer me this question, and then … ” on June 14 ?
    (My question was “I am curious if my soul is related to Atlantis?”)
    (“About your past times of Atlantis or other older civilizations, I will keep that until we have evolved you enough in your spiritual growth … because for now, it would feed your spiritual ego instead of healing your energy system. When you are ready it will create consciousness in your system…” Lucas’s note on June 17)

    1. The way you(Lucas) asked the question has confirmed and answered my question. My first sense or response was laughing, happy, and thinking “Wow if you didn’t want to tell me now, why would you ask like that? Didn’t you already answer my question and confirm it? ”

    2. My second thought was with a little rebellious anger and I was thinking “Oh, Ok, if you don’t want to tell me now, I don’t even want to know, because I’ll know when I die. It doesn’t matter now.”

    3. My body’s reaction was suddenly excited, when I read this note it was midnight and I couldn’t get a good sleep the whole night. My brain was filled with the message “Oh, my soul is related to Atlantis.”

    4. But my mind guided me to write this reply to you on June 15: “I didn’t know the full stories about Atlantis, so I don’t know how to answer your question.”

    … …

    Mostly my knowledge and perception about Atlantis are from

    1. Alex Collier (Atlantis existed almost 30,000 years, it was from 57600BC to 27603 BC)

    2. Jay Parker (he was born in an Illuminati family) revealed the details of dark cult from Atlantis (from Lucas Alexander’s interview)

    3. Anders Holte (a Danish singer) brings me a beautiful and cherishing feeling of Atlantis with his song “Call of Atlantis”


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