Atlantis and the invocation of dreams

Dreams of Atlantis

As we walk upon this earth, fulfilling our destiny of healing the past, and keep on healing until we have detached every attachment and pain that is connected to that attachment, we seek to find for peace and happiness. One of the things to be aware of is, that the bravest of Men and Woman choose to face the suffering at one time or another.

At this point I will tell you now, that it is the old ones from the soul experience that is taking this challenge to face the suffering. Facing it and keep facing it, to be reborn again, to feel the pain, to repeat it again, all for the matter of healing the deepest wounds of this experience down here on this planet. When this world started to face the time in ancient history. The time of chaos and suffering, the Atlantean people was about to face the ending. They had done their work, all for preparing humanity and the planet for this time of chaos. Chaos for the matter to heal. To heal and find back to the pure state of consciousness.

The work of Atlantis

When the Atlantean people started to prepare for their end, they were well aware that the next civilizations of humanity would not be awake. Only few would start the process of awakening. To prepare humanity for this challenge, they initiated a new energy field in the cosmic energy work in the physical body.

To be able to dream.

The dreaming state is the time where everyone will work with their traumas, even those who is asleep. People who is blind for the evolution of expanding consciousness being aware of it or not, have the work when they sleep, where the deeper state of their thinking and imaginations now can work to heal what is stuck in the body. This way everyone will work on themselves to heal even though they aren’t aware of it.

And this was needed for this time we entered of blindness and confusion.


It all got integrated through a meeting with the ascended guides from Atlantis. Coming to the physical world, meeting and the sacred place of initiations by some of the people who was far enough in the inner work, to be able to transform the dreams to healing. The guides from the cosmic field initiated a part of consciousness that would work during the sleep, called ‘Ihmohim’. The consciousness that works with the thoughts and working for the thought energies so be seen by the human, so it could be transformed.

This invocation happened with crystals, that got so high in frequencies, that the cosmic guides transferred them into the physical beings of the council of Atlantis forehead. So began the invocation of Ihmohim. By time, when the council of Atlantis started to give birth to children, the Ihomhim got spread through the DNA of the humanity. And by the time of the fall of Atlantis, it got integrated so deep in the DNA, that the dreaming state is within all of us now. When we have nightmares, we face the fear of what is working in our subconsciousness. And we work with the fear in the feelings we sleep, because in those, we cannot control the same way as we try to control when we are “awake”.

With every fear inside of us, we have the key to work with the trauma that has caused the fear from the past.

The truth of healing

The truth is, that every trauma and feeling inside of us, comes from the past which we haven’t worked with. And as we keep on being blind for the feeling and cannot see it, the energy is stuck inside of our energy field. It is first in the moment of observing what arises inside of us we start to awake the energy of the feeling, to arise, to let go and to be healed.

Every feeling has to be seen, to be observed. By observing you let the energy work on its path to releasing.

When we live in a dimension of these energies needing to be seen, and we walk around trying our best to hide them away, even though we try our best to heal, the dreaming state will still work in our favour to heal the past, by feeling in the now.

This article is here for you to understand, that no matter how stuck you think or feel you are in your situation, the dreaming state of Ihmohim will always work in your subconsciousness for you to be prepared to heal the energies when you are ready. Being stuck doesn’t exist. Only in our mind. Remember that.

You are eternal, and is always moving and evolving towards the healing. Everything will therefore always be exactly as it has to be. It is only the illusion in the mind that keeps you in the illusion of you are stuck.

There is no such thing.

Everything is exactly the way it will be.

With all my love



  1. Wenli
    July 4, 2022

    Wow, “Ihmohim” !!! Fascinating information. I just noticed and read it today.
    I do have two lucid dreams (One was on June 23, one was on June 29, 2022) that healed my traumas and I didn’t even often realize these traumas during my awake time.

    Appreciate it very much!!! ❤️
    Blessings 🕊️

    1. Wenli
      July 7, 2022

      PS: The one on June 23 was crying and hugging with my ex-husband and forgiving each other.
      another one on June 29 was venting a strong angry and jealousy impulse towards my current husband for he ignored me … and … leave me alone at home again …

  2. Wenli
    July 7, 2022

    The Record of Ihmohim Healing Through Dream on July 7, 2022 (PST time)

    I had three dreams during REM sleep this early morning that released my shame and fear emotions that I didn’t realize during my awake time. But right now at 10:01am I only could remember two of them. 
    One was releasing the shame emotion about sexual life.
    Another was the release of my deep fear of no free speech by the xxxxxxxxx government.

  3. Wenli
    July 9, 2022

    Remote Healing Brief Record From Denmark to US
    Time: June 9 ~ 11, 2022
    Healer: Lucas Bergendahl
    Client: Wenli

    May 23, 2022, I contacted Lucas through email and asked him if he can do a healing session just through email since English is my second language and I depend on an online translator for words.
    May 27, Lucas offered me a solution: we pick up a date to begin the healing, and then have some days where we are in contact & communication, just not as intense as an online session, then we chat a bit forth and back about the situation.
    May 29, Lucas set the healing date from June 9~11, 2022

    Early morning on June 9, 2022 I had an amazing healing experience.Before I woke up at 6:03 AM my body received a healing energy that suddenly healed my left shoulder pain (adhesive capsulitis) 99% . Next I had a lucid dream around 7:33 AM receiving a short video that a female dream figure showing me my body scan from a white and black computer screen and pointing out with a mouse spot (but only point out the right side of my body) from my head to throat and to my right arm (elbow joint) and right leg (knee) … when I got up and I felt my left leg knee chronic pain was cured 85% (it was caused by I overdose vegetable juice a few years ago), and the chronic pain of my right leg, calf muscles and right ankle suddenly disappear or cured 99%. (the calf muscles pain was caused by overuse two herbs/Chinese medicine: Scutellaria barbata D. Don 半枝莲 and Hedyotis diffusa 白花蛇舌草 19 years ago; the ankle was sprained 26 years ago)
    Around 7:59 am when I tried to use a pen to write down my lucid dream and I found out that the middle and ring fingers of my right hand start to feel numb, around 8:30 am the numb disappeared (two fingers were strained when I work in the garden last year )
    Early morning on June 10, 2022, the healing session was breathtaking and I experienced how Kundalini  & Ihmohim work together.
    I felt energy blasting around the area of my diaphragm, which was when the Kundalini struck the blockage of the Solar Plexus Chakra like a nuclear explosion. The same time I received a holographic image in the dream (Ihmohim was working), two crystal pyramids set together. A great clear crystal pyramid covered a smaller yellow colored crystal pyramid inside. yellow crystal = citrine. My soul(or higher self)delivered the Hologram message that was precise. The corresponding crystal of the Solar Plexus Chakra is citrine.
    (Lucas explained about Kundalini  & Ihmohim”… the kundalini and the Ihmohim are not the same, unless you consider everything in the universe the same, as it is in its own way. But for now the Ihmohim is an ascended master that travels in our consciousness to expand the unopened chambers of our history we have to release.
    Kundalini is the key to heaven shortly spoken. So they work together but aren’t the same.Kundalini is btw a very misunderstood energy in the western. The fact is, that the kundalini is strong as if we activate it in a wrong way, the body will burn up because the energies are that strong. Therefore the kundalini is part of the body where the Ihmohim is part of an energy that travels around in the astral plane of our consciousness.”)
    and then,the next step was to release the trauma,for personal privacy I have omitted contents or details here … below were the communications between us after I told my traumas:
    Lucas: It’s all very touching to hear, dear Wenli. Thank you for sharing.Can you put a feeling on where in your body you feel the tension from this trauma? 
    Wenli: … diaphragm or heart, and Stomach, brain also, especially the temples.Oh, the tension is gradually disappearing …
    What a fascinating healing process !!!
    Thank you very much!!!       ️     

    Lucas: Just be aware that all these tensions are storing the energy of the feeling that is rooted in your traumas. By allowing these unpleasant feelings and pain to be there for as long as they need to be there, you allow the healing process to continue and keep continuing until it’s not in any of control anymore dear Wenli.  Tell me how you feel. What is going on inside of you now. What light do you feel, what darkness do you see?
    Wenli: I saw multi-colorful shapes (energy) flowing, just like WingMakers paintings and I didn’t see any dark energy.

    June 11, 2022 Lucas:Dear Wenli,One of the patterns in your life you have to be aware of is, when people won’t take you seriously, how does it affect your subconsciousness?  When you aren’t being taken seriously, it affects you and goes into lowering your vibration because part of you identifies yourself with that. You have to turn your awareness towards your own history, and learn how the history of you reflects towards others, and how you see yourself is how people will see you, because you are mirroring the entire universe around your own perception of yourself. Observe your history, and ask yourself, what is your own history actually?  Spend your day asking this question. 


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